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The ‘GO!’ outreach initiative is a wellness driven education, inspiration, and action program. GO! delivers simple, effective, and affordable solutions to create amazing health for your organization. This program is delivered to 3 key community audiences including business, education, and the service world. We also speak to sports teams and groups including your very own circle of friends!

  • We've inspired thousands of people

    Motivation comes and goes, inspiration lasts forever. We believe you need both! Let us motivate and inspire you towards better health which will in turn improve every aspect of your life. We’ve done it with thousands of people and we can do it for your group as well.

  • We get YOU results

    If it’s results you want, then look no further. Actually, results are the easy part once you know what to do, learn how to do it, and are inspired to take action. We have thousands of participants who have achieved amazing results with the same information we will provide to those people who are so important to you.

  • Our goal: Amazing health for all ages and sizes

    We believe everyone wants and deserves great health, but with all the misinformation in the world, people often give up due to being overwhelmed. Let us make it easy for the people you employ and care about. After all, a healthier employee, student or volunteer is always more productive and profitable.


We have many different programs available to organizations, ranging from foundational to specific.

  • GO! WORK

    More and more businesses are seeing the effects of employee health on morale, productivity, and their bottom line (for better or worse!) It’s a direct relationship. While wellness programs in companies have become very popular, many times they are filled with testing and evaluation, instead of inspired action! What’s the answer? The GO! WORK Program! Read More


    Schools function similarly to businesses. With one exception…the customers are kids! And we see nothing more important to our future than our children. Educators are in a very unique position of pressure, stress, and reward as well. Many schools don’t make or have time to focus on the health of their teachers. While school wellness initiatives have been noble, like businesses, they too are many times filled with testing and evaluation, instead of inspired action! What’s the answer? The GO! TEACH Program! Read More


    We believe those in the service industry are some of the most important people on this planet. And in this fast pace, high stress world it’s becoming increasingly difficult to serve the needs of others. With police, fire, and the church always looking to serve others, how can they focus on their own health and well-being? What’s the answer? The GO! SERVE Program. Read More

Special GO! Programs


Athletes and performers of all types and ages REQUIRE proper health and function to not only perform at their best but also to recover faster and decrease the chance of being injured in the first place. From little league to Olympians and everywhere in-between this program is a game changer that gives all performers the health to get out there, have fun and “GO! PLAY” Read More


This program is a program like no other. We come right to your club, your group, or even your home to deliver key health and wellness principles to change lives of individuals and families so you can do what you were created to do and “GO! LIVE” Read More


Many times children with neurodevelopment challenges, attention and focus problems, and other special needs are overlooked when it comes to health and well-being. We believe these kids deserve the greatest health and function because of their uniqueness. The “GO! KIDS” program teaches parents and providers for these children the keys to success with their health! Read More


What others say about the “GO! program”



In our ever-changing world, the demands on student engagement, cognition and application are growing exponentially. Knowing this, educators continually seek further understanding of their students and strategies to enrich their learning. This also places extra stress on educators. Dr. David Foss is able to provide a comprehensive understanding of the human body, a heightened awareness to health challenges students and teachers face, and how to address these issues using integrative practices.

Dr. Foss presents a thorough view of the human body and how physical, mental, and environmental factors can inhibit the body’s ability to heal. Using plain language, he can illustrate how these various factors impact the body, and what to do to address these factors.

His knowledge, skills, and insight combine to enlighten all, allowing for a rich learning environment. I happily recommend Dr. David Foss as a resource for educators. He will be an asset to your organization.

Chris Adkins
Ferson Creek Elementary


Dr. Dave and his practice have been a great help to me and to my family. His sessions on nutrition, toxicity and positive thinking are a great addition to the benefits we receive. Dr. Dave’s advice and treatment have stopped my fall allergies, opened my sinuses, helped create a sense of well being I haven’t felt in years and as a side benefit of better eating, I have lost 13 pounds. I am also sleeping better and not feeling the aches and pains I thought were just part of aging. Dr. Foss’ knowledge and service can help people improve their health, happiness and productivity, and would be an asset to any organization’s wellness initiatives. I like to call Dr. Foss the Wellness Professor!

Jeff Walter
Village of Elburn